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A reader asks,

Oh wise CH, what the hell is the matter with Europeans, what makes them so deeply cucked? More specificity, why do the Brits, Germans and Swedes all choose female heads of their states hell-bent on leading them to their destruction?  There must be something subtle here I’m missing.

By a quirk of evolution. NW Euros (and perhaps only NW Euros, extending to their diaspora cousins) acquired an exquisitely fine-tuned feeling of empathy that toxically commingles with their compulsion to psychologically project their hyper-domesticated moral sense onto others, which in a Diversitopian nightmare means emotionally identifying with people who are nothing like them and who laugh at their naiveté.

Complementary hypothesis: Prosperity has made White shitlibs decadently soft and mushy-headed, and they have become unable to see the day coming when they won’t have the luxury of virtue signaling for cheap social status anymore.

Same reader,

But they weren’t like this prior to end of WW2, no female heads of state and very few cucked male heads of state. What changed after WW2?

Lag time effect. The self-destructive seed was already embedded in NW Euros, it just needed time to germinate, grow, and yield fruity poz. Oh, and YKW were highly concentrated fertilizer.


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