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What’s next, Fat Imperative?

This is always the trajectory of leftoid equalism. It never stops at begrudging tolerance of the ugly, disfigured, and demented. The Fuggernaut uses tolerance as a springboard for more demands which upend the cosmic order. What is tolerated becomes accepted. What is accepted becomes celebrated. What is celebrated becomes intolerance of its opposite. Until, finally, what is intolerance of its opposite — Truth&Beauty — becomes a demand for Lies and Ugliness to be the new standard of normalcy and definition of virtue.

AKA Harrison Bergeron (<– we are here)

The fix for this broken code in human nature is obvious: never allow “tolerance” to gain a foothold.

A healthy, life-sustaining dose of intolerance for grotesqueries is an ounce of prevention that will prevent a pound of Civil War 2 cure.


OT Scintillating CH thought of the day: Shitlibs need to reacquaint themselves with that classic childhood taunt “you smelled it you dealt it”, because every time a shitlib hears a “racist” dog whistle they are unintentionally revealing how often they’ve had those same racist feelings.

In fact, what I’d love to see is the growing and massing shitlord army of Trump acolytes replying “you smelt it you dealt it” whenever a shitlib starts shrieking about le 56% racism.


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