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Escoffier, reacting to the following news story about an exhibitionist University of Cambridge professor (via /pol/ News Network)…

Welcome to Ivy League universities: where professors walk around naked, and if you ask them to cover up you’ll be expelled or fired.

Universities are Leftist indoctrination camps, nothing more.

…earned a coveted COTW with this response:

When Women are allowed to become feral, everyday is a battle to get naked in public and create plausible sounding justifications for it…

Sadly, it’s rarely the women with naked bodies worth ogling.

Even the most lunatic feminist subconsciously knows female worth is tied up with female physical allure, so when feminists go feral they have a strangely self-contradicting habit of stripping naked to denounce “sexual objectification”.

In the subset of the female population that is neither ugly nor feminist, women spend a lot of mental energy rationalizing their urge to show skin in public. They want men to notice them, but they don’t want men to think they’re allowed to notice them. Try and square that circle! (forget it, jake, it’s vaginatown)


Runner-up COTW goes to CMC for this volcuck twist on a popular meme:

Your great-great-great Grand dad was part of an army that essentially said, “we’re sick of this shit,” marched right through the enemy’s homebase beating the crap out of them, burning their cities towns and homes, destroying their INFRASTRUCTURE, freeing their slaves and winning war.

You go to comic con and let race mix older woman marrying professional pretender from Obama islands to cup your wife’s milker and slap your face and memorialize it in photo.

You are ghey.

Celebrity and sportsball athlete adoration was always kinda self-cuckingly ghey. Don’t do it. And express disgust when your buddies or your girl do it.


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