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The Superbugman

Sam Lavigne (((?))) is a far-Left, pantifa supporting NYU professor (it is to laugh) and active enemy of European Christendom who doxxed a bunch of patriotic ICE agents on Twatter via their LinkedIn profiles. Doxxing law enforcement agents into a readily accessible dossier and distributing it to anti-American pantifa activists is an implicit threat of violence against those agents, which Lavigne knows, and why he did it.

Naturally, you’re wondering about Xir Lavigne’s physiognomy. You won’t be surprised.

Shivthots and shitlords, I give you…the superbugman. There is no cure for this strain. I bet the fine volk at MPC would agree. This is the physiognomy of the ür-bugman, fit only for mockery and tubal ligation.


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