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Spot The Volcuck

“I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that.”

LMAO that Momoa scribbled his initials right over the volcuck’s face. LMAO^2 that Momoa’s left hand is practically cupping her tit. It’s all in good fun, you see, but good fun often reveals deeper truths.

The volcuck — voluntary cuckold — is the lowest social and sexual status a man can achieve. Even incels have more dignity. Regular cuckolds — men who aren’t aware their women have been unfaithful and gotten pregnant by another man’s seed — are less contemptible. The volcuck debases himself so completely he may as well lop it off and become a house eunuch to fat cat oligarchs.

The volcuck is a symptom of an acutely diseased sexual market. When you see his kind growing in number and cavalierly disgracing himself for social media yucks, you will know there is a great disturbance in the whores. The Snark Side is winning. The world has become farce. Women hold all the cards and fat pink-haired skanks can casually humiliate their neckbearded soyfriends and experience no consequences for it.

But there is salvation, and it can be found in the Good Book of Heartiste. Game will redeem Western Man.


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