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There’s no need for a contest in this edition of Beta of the Month; Joe Scarborough wins it running away.

You’ve seen this before, in previous Chateau Heartiste Beta of the Month posts. Uxorious Joe Scarborough is the beta, Bleeding NipAndTuckface Mika the repulsed woman spurning his ingratiating, conciliatory romantic gestures.

Painfully beta, but did you expect anything more from this anti-Trump nancyboy?

Watch the vid. None of this is staged. You can tell by their body language and vocal tone that real aggravation bubbled to the surface on live TV (that nobody watches).

0:16: NipAndTuck admits they’ve been fighting “over issues” (they’re an off-screen couple). One can only guess what those issues were, maybe “I got tired of being the man in the relationship” or “Honey, I secretly think Trump is getting unfair press coverage on this Beaner Baby story” or “Your prostate doesn’t need *that* much stimulation”.

0:20: Uxorious Joe cloyingly objects, “No we did not”. NipAndTuck immediately shoots him down, “Oh yeah we did.”

0:21: Uxorious: “We never fight”. Nip: *sarcastically* “Uh huh”.

0:22: Watch this sequence closely, it happens fast, but slow enough that you can see Nip’s pussy turtling on air. Uxorious gently reaches for her hand, and Nip’s whole body convulses backward to get away from his slimy touch. She promptly assumes the cadence of a careercunt shrike, scolding him, “No, no, don’t do that. Ok, not on the air, NOT ON THE AIR”.

0:26: Nip: “What are you doing?! It’s 6:03.” She’s publicly shaming him, rejecting his romantic ardor in front of an audience now cringing with vicarious embarrassment. Notice her body language: she’s sitting ramrod straight, turned toward him to face him down, jaw jutting. This is the aggressive posture of a woman expanding her personal space, building a defensive perimeter to warn the beta male to stay away or get the stinger again.

0:29: Uxorious is trapped. He tries to change course. “Willie, can I ask you a question.” It’s not a change of topic, though. It’s worse. He’s trying to enlist other men to persuade his ice queen to thaw out a little and spare his on-air dignity. It’s an example of “let’s you and her make my case for me”. Passive-aggressive betahurt to the max.

0:31: Uxorious: “We’re engaged. We’ve been engaged for like 13 years. Now you think I should be able to hold her hand at this point in the engagement with her consent?” Special (needs) pleading.

0:41: Nip then delivers the ballcutting slice. “If you’ll be quiet I’ll hold your hand.”


The JooTube comments are gold (and so very very woke):

these two clowns made fun of Trump countless times about Melania supposedly not wanting to hold Trump’s hand


she obviously finds the man repulsive. maybe hillary would let him hold her claw


Why doesn’t she ever ask Shmoe what really happened to his intern? Isn’t she worried???


Why talk about baseball when you can’t seem get to first base yourself?

Heh. Poor Joe. None of Trump’s lessons in life rubbed off on him, so he gets to suffer public humiliation as his heavily scaffolded girlfriend slaps his limp wrist away.


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