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This isn’t a new insight to regular guests of Le Chateau, but it bears repeating as we descend swiftly into the leftoid abattoir where the blood and bones of murdered civilizations are collected.

The photo and quote from Dr Unabomber above illustrate the insight nicely: leftoids have a strong submissiveness urge, which is why I liken the male leftoids to women. Part of the desire to submit is a desire to “feel alive” through masochistic suffering. Aggressive or active submission, you could call it, and it is an innate quality in women who evolved the urge so that they are maximally attracted to powerful dominant men. Aggressive submission is also an evolved strategy of the weak and puerile, who must resort to it in place of the direct confrontations which they can’t win.

In leftoids, this urge has turned pathological, and because of its inherent womanly nature the males of the Left are often feminized, emasculated passive-aggressive brats like David Hogg. In the females of the Left, the masochistic compulsion manifests as a spiteful hatred toward the weak males of the Left who are the primary opposite sex company of leftoid females. Unrequited submissiveness can make a woman very hateful against the males incapable of satisfying her primal sexual and romantic desires, (and very confused when the leftoid female is aroused to sudden surrender by the tonic masculinity of a Trumpian Chad).

Kaczynski called this self-hatred, but in fact it’s very much self-love; the twisted self-love of the weak who protect their egos by summoning power from the supine position.

The way to defeat the armies of aggressively submissive leftoids is to cut their rhetorical gordian knot and defang their street theater with unremitting, merciless mockery. Deflate their pretensions, and with their social status robbed from them the allure of strategic submission is dispelled.


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