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Of Soyboys And Manjaws

Is the sexual polarity reversing? And if so, what does it mean for society?

The science and social observation bear out a strange and creepy merging of the sexes in America toward an androgynous unisex of masculinized females and feminized males. I am on record as perhaps being the first among dissident thought kings to notice the emergence of a cultural hermaphroditism (a touch of the ‘ditism).

Every which way you measure the health of America, she is declining, except for the stock portfolios of the 1% ruling elite. One is tempted to draw a connection between the flowering androgyny of the Anglosphere people and the loss of confidence and faith in the historical Western project. The ubermensch is not a Nordic warrior; he is a doughy whiner and a shrieking termagant begging for annihilation at the hands of the uruk hai. […]

A world of ballbusting manjaws and pudding pop nancyboys is about as far from divinely inspired beauty as fallen man can sink.

Note that John Scalzi’s bra is unpadded.

While research is scant, I believe based on what I see happening around me that this cultural androgynization has a biological component as well. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fund research exploring possible biological changes in the sexes without running afoul of the Phalanx of the Foul. Data on generational sperm count levels are relatively simple to collect, but what about the enlargement of women’s jaws or the narrowing of women’s hips? Just try and get a grant for that study.

I bring this subject up again because I’ve noticed the androgyne phenomenon is getting worse, and goes beyond desexualizing or uni-sexualizing fashion statements. Something profoundly disturbing is going on with the bodies of, in particular, American Millennials. Sexual dimorphism is flipping; the sexes aren’t just converging on an asexual norm…they’re swapping body types!

I see so many 20s and 30s women with the broad shoulders and narrow hips natural to men, and so many men with the narrow shoulders and broad hips natural to women. It’s as if the sexual market turned upside down and switched sexes. Manjaws lumber cityscapes on africanized pelvic fulcrums as their cantilevered shoulders cut swathes through cowed crowds. Their vaginas seem misplaced on them.

As unsettlingly, soyboys swish and swivel on bulbous pear-shaped haunches, supporting droopy unmuscled flesh that recedes upwardly to strangely child-like clavicles and diminutive shoulder spans, upon which soft rounded heads jerk fearfully out of the way of the manjaws with snapping vaginas.

Social conditioning can’t do this to bodies. Something evil lurks in our environment, in our ecology, that’s responsible for the sexual polarity reversal. I suspect that the same evil is responsible for the xenophilic anti-White virtue sniveling insanity currently gripping the White Left, and which left unanswered and unchecked will mean the end of America as a nation distinct from the vast dirt and dystopia fields of the Hued World.

If the March of the Manjaws and the Mewl of the Micemen proceeds apace, what consequences can we expect to see unfold in our society? Here I speculate, based on experiences dealing with both types in my day to day life.

Masculinized women are the worst of both men and women, stridently aggressive and competitive like men but lacking the instinct of loyalty, cooperativeness, and duty of men, and cruelly subversive and passive-aggressive like women but lacking the nurturing vulnerability and intoxicating femininity of women.

Somewhat the reverse applies to feminized men, who have the submissiveness and avoidance mentality of women hitched to the single-minded focus of men, and the indiscriminate nurturing of women weaponized by the tribal boundary patrolling of men.

Within a few generations of this grotesque circus side show we will likely see society eating the last of its seed corn as once-admired institutions succumb to abject corruption, in-fighting, vapid credentialism, even more vapid moral preening, and finally systemic breakdown of basic civilizational functions.

Executive summary: nothing good can come from entangling the masculine and the feminine in physical and psychological bonds each was never meant to accommodate.


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