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The Unaccomplished Millennial

Jim Christian writes about his life, contrasting the seeming generational decline between his time and the time of Millennials in accumulated life experiences and accomplishments,

I don’t owe young men anything, but I’ll offer in this informal setting, my experiences and impressions of the day. If rooting for the end of the world, they better think twice. They take a lot for granted, including their own experience and capacity to fight back and do murder themselves. For a morsel of food. Because that’s what the end looks like. Doods bad-ass enough to cope in THAT end-game situation ain’t sitting here raving about Baby Boomers. Millennials are creeping up on thirty or thirty five now? Time to finally grow up kids. Jesus, I’d done 10 years sports, cutting grass and working at McDonalds as a kid, then 51/2 years aboard flight decks, 200,000 miles on motorcycles, a marriage, two houses, a kid, a divorce, and two or three or four careers and dozens and dozens and dozens of chicks by 35. And that was just getting started. Most of us have similar lists of “accomplishments’ by such an age.

But then, we didn’t have ‘smart phones’, liberal-based CATV and 16 years of SJW training, K-12 and 4 at college like a Millennial. Maybe that’s where they’re hamstrung and THAT I can’t help them with other than to say to throw off the yoke, don’t get married and get a motorcycle. That would at least be a start.

Millennials are both the most narcissistic American generation in recent history, and the generation with the least accomplishments and real world life experiences that don’t require viewing through a screen.

What happens when you combine pathological narcissism with an absence of the experiences and accomplishments that would justify the narcissism?

No worries. This is all about to change with the blitzkrieg of Generation Zyklon.

Via PA, a Millennial millennializes,

A good comment by a Millennial few months back:

I’d say that Millennials are the generation of escapism. Stockholm Syndrome is just a subset of that. Our generation was presented with a world that was entirely a lie (and was apparent to us as such), but with no alternative leading to the truth. So as a generation we avoided reality. Many did this by embracing the lie, such as the Stockholm Syndrome group you mentioned. Others escaped into video gaming. Others obsessed over their childhood such as Harry Potter, and many live with their parents.

The strength of conviction of the Millennial progs is not because they truly believe, but is born of their desperate fear of reality. For Millennials, reality is too terrible to face.

If you don’t acknowledge reality, reality automatically works against you. Escapism is a short term alleviation that will create a more painful long-term reckoning. Some Millennials have it in them to fight against their own generation’s current, but it’ll be Gen Zyklon which has to deal with the reckoning and it will mold their character and make them stronger than they now know.


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