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CH Maxim: The Vicarious Woman

everybodylovesscott leaves a comment that allows me to segue to a new CH Maxim:

throw off the yoke, don’t get married and get a motorcycle. That would at least be a start.

Getting a motorcycle and hitting the gym can increase your SMV by 2 points in less than 6 months. Bike game is EASY. Chicks dig them. Don’t get a Harley; they’re for fat middle aged men (unless you are a fat middle aged man).

“But EBHS, Bikes are dangerous”

That’s what makes them attractive numbskull. Chicks dig guys willing to risk death for a bit of adrenaline.

CH Maxim #102: Nothing interesting would happen in a woman’s life if she didn’t have a man making it happen.

Make a woman’s life interesting, and she will reward you with the one interesting aspect of her that she has to offer………..





her love.


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