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The Recovery

On the fly reframing, that’s how it’s done. If you can see the flame-out coming, may as well go out with your dignity intact, the flamethrower scorching everything within the perimeter of engagement.

And who knows? This deport-a-slore might’ve been intrigued by his assholery, enough to take up his offer. Girls are known to succumb to the jerk’s charms.


FastEddie flashes his MAGA Game.

Can confirm. I have -Trump supporter. Gun and business owner. If you have “swipe left if you voted for Trump” on your profile, swipe left- all on my profile.

Had one recently message me saying she’s not sure we’d click because I’m obviously an ardent Trump supporter. I said- no problem. Appreciate the honesty. I just feel bad relegating you to all those male feminists and soy boys.

GREAT reframe. Shit test passed with pyrotechnic flair.

She laughed and said I just described her friends. I told her of course they’re her friends.

I figured you’d say that.”

Deep down, beanie wearing soys make her sick.

Now we’re off to the races. She flat out says, “If you want to fuck me, buy me a drink.” I said, “I know the best place in town,” then gave her my address.

Banged out. She’s 26. I’m 38.

Would share screenshots, but she unmatched me afterward (not interested in a relationship with someone that brainwashed.)

She sent me a screed with verbosity to shame Balzac after a couple days screaming, “YOU know why I date soy boys?!!!(she used the actual term) Because THEY won’t pretend to be interested in me, fuck me and throw me away!!!”

This is when you know you’ve banged out not only the girl, but her hamster as well. A double banging.

The whole thing was several paragraphs long. I responded- lol.

lol. Also, this is how everyone from the “intellectual dark web” should respond to chaimstream media requests.

Then she unmatched me, right when I was trying to go back in and screenshot.

There’s always next time.
Glad you’re all my brothers.

There’s a lot of good Game advice in FE’s story, but that profile line — If you have “swipe left if you voted for Trump” on your profile, swipe left — is killer. The best thing about it is that it can be ported easily to almost any profile or pickup scenario because it’s basically a nuclear disqualification that immediately puts the girl in the chaser/appeaser/approval seeker role. For instance,

“If you ask me to buy you a drink, swipe left” (this is really funny if you do it IRL and make a theatrical swiping motion with your hand as you’re telling her)

“If you ask me to put on a condom, swipe left”

“If you have a pussy hat, swipe all the way left”


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