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Game In Advertising

There are a lot of great examples of Game in advertising, especially ads produced during the egalitarian, compression era of America. For instance there’s this ad, which reads like Don Draper wrote the copy:

Can you identify the Game techniques and concepts used in this ad?

“We pass up around 19 girls, before we get one that qualifies”: (literally) QUALIFICATION

“If looks were everything, it wouldn’t be so tough”: ACTIVE DISINTEREST

“Sure, we want her to be pretty”: IMPLICIT NEG

“But we don’t stop there. We talk. And we listen”: COMFORT, ATTAINABILITY

“We judge her personality,…”: FLIP THE SCRIPT

“So we try to eliminate these problems by taking a lot more time and passing up a lot more girls”: MALE ENTITLEMENT, CHOOSINESS

What are adds today? A weak mewling White beta who is the butt of jokes, a manjawed careerist White woman with mystery meatballs in tow, a wise confident dindu anointing the unwashed.

How far we have fallen as a culture.


I bet very VERY few women of the day bitched about this ad when it was released. I bet the ad’s “misogyny” (by current year standards) barely if at all registered in women’s consciousnesses. American women have had to be propagandized by a relentless assault of feminist nonsense to learn that what was once normal relations between the sexes is actually patriarchal oppression. And now we have American women begging for the love of third world rapefugees and retweeting campus rape hoaxes published to universal fanfare and used as the basis for man-hating government policy.


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