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37 women before and after their impact with cunt’th wave feminism.

The transformation above ?? is the most heart-wrenching to me. Something snapped in her. You can see the joyous femininity in the first pic replaced in the second pic by a seething bitterness. Alpha widowhood?

Total destruction ??. Could be two different species.

Women, DON’T DO DYKES. And stay away from the buffet.

Lesson: feminism is as destructive of female beauty as is hitting the Wall.

Why would pretty women hideously disfigure themselves? Jack McKrack writes,

women are literally psychologically handicapped. if you were a young hottie, think about what it would take for you to turn your back on a life of privilege – thousands of beta orbiters ready to serve your every beck and call, free drinks, free food, endless favors, etc. – to be a hideous freak who’s despised by all but those in your freak sorority?

i get why fugs go 3rd wave. they’re a laughingstock, or worse – they’re invisible. feminism at least makes them into *something* that has to be acknowledged in a room. but why on earth does a hard 7 with the world as her oyster go 3rd wave?!

It would be as if mark zuckerberg threw away his billions, his houses, his cars, and drove his company into bankruptcy…..

hm wait, it kind of is still like that for him.

Speculating, I offer the following explanations for uglifying behavior that seems to defy the Darwinian Directive.

  • fatherlessness, weak fathers, slutty mothers, and supplicating millennial males.
  • burned by a jerkboy lover, the embrace of ugliness “protects” these girls from getting burned again
  • disgusted by cloying beta males, the ugliness likewise “protects” the girls from “creeps”
  • basic bitch misandry (“i hate men so i will deprive them of their greatest pleasure: pretty girls”)
  • experimental lesbianism that went too far
  • feminist brainwashing by evil professors filling her head with garbage
  • and finally, don’t underestimate the impact that shifting cultural mores can have on individual behavior: the culture inculcates rabid man-hate and toxic grrlpower. it shouldn’t surprise that marginal, weak-willed chicks heed the agitprop and conform to the new norms.
  • you know how some men have a fear of success because success means they have to abandon their excuses and rationalization for inaction? feminism disfigurement could be similar for women: a fear of romantic success because they don’t want to abandon their excuses and rationalizations for failing to secure a man in a committed relationship.

Ironsides looks on the bright side,

They’re revealing their inner selves as a warning for those who observe the world with a trace of sanity.

In doing so, they’re most likely removing themselves from the genetic future of our race.

This is a good thing. More power to them. The monster within has decided to show itself outwardly as well.

We can’t afford to lose very many pretty White girls to the Feminism abattoir. The death of a million fugs is a statistic; the loss of one cute girl to feminism is a tragedy. It’s a goddamned shame to lose any of these girls to their inner demons. Some of those girls were downright hot before the feminism cerberus ate their souls and turned them into unlovable, unfuckable monsters. A shame for them, and a shame for the newly minted incel betas who now have fewer cute girls available to them.

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