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These are the biocultural revolutions the long-term impacts of which most Westerners have severely underestimated:

– the Pill

– cheap and safe abortion

– mass nonwhite immigration

– the total abandonment of organized patriarchal religion

– female economic empowerment

– sugar dousing

– market saturation of hardcore porn

– (((the diaspora)))

– runaway credentialism


Regarding that last item, credentialism is inherently feminine. Hierarchy is inherently masculine. All pre-collapse late stage empires are marked by a retreat from the masculine virtues and an embrace of the feminine vices. I plan to do a post on this subject because understanding its importance is crucial to correctly diagnosing the system-wide social failures now percolating through the West.


A reader adds penicillin to the list. I figure that’s a gray area, because the benefits of penicillin (at least over the evolutionary short term) would appear to far outweigh negatives (decoupling sexual behavior from fear of disease and helping to unleash an r-selected sexual market). In the long term, though, penicillin may come to be viewed as one of CH’s six sirens of the sexual apocalypse.


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  1. Don’t forget the big one – smartphones.

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