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Cause And Effect

Cause and Effect: Act like a cloying beta male borefriend, become an ex-cloying beta male borefriend. From everybodylovesscott,

I have a friend where every single picture with his gf hes praising her in the fb caption (I’ve since deleted fb so I don’t see them anymore) with a “My gf is so amazing” or “She’s out of my league” or leaning into her and grinning like an idiot. Recently he complained to me “women are stupid, she takes forever to reply to my messages now” and he told me “yeah, we stopped having sex so often because my penis is too big and she needs recovery time”

When the reframe is way too try-hard.

She’s post 30 so I’m not positive she’s going to rip his heart out before they get married or after she gets her 2 kids and decides she “loves him but isn’t in love with him” but I don’t see the situation ending well. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

Ironically, the Wall has saved many beta males from a much-deserved dumping. The anxious woman on Wall approach is the beta male’s best friend. Downside: you get one, maybe two, months, tops, of bangable pussy.

He’s also packed on 40lbs in the last year because “I’m getting laid so I don’t have the motivation to stay fit anymore”

That’s not it. He’s depressed because he senses his aging beauty is already, or is thinking about, cheating on him.

He’s a narcissistic know it all so showing him this website would do nothing except get me a “you don’t know anything” response

Narcissists would make great Game-savvy womanizers, but their very narcissism prevents them from learning a thing or two from their betters.


Another example of Cause and Effect which eludes White shitlib cognition: Bring more third world peasantry to America, make America more like the peasants’ third world homeland they left behind. From Johnny Redux,

So, 150 or so squatamalans arrived at some shithole on the Mexican border called the Hotel de Migrante. The place looks like America — IF we let them keep coming in. One big shithole.

Anyhow, just like the fake “migrant” crisis in Europe, these so-called asylum seekers are bringing their iPhones. Oh, how rough they have it. Seeking more free handouts, medical care, etc. up North. Clearly they have NO right to seek asylum, when they walked right through a safe nation, Mexico, which offered them sanctuary. Nope, not enough free shit in Meh-hee-ko. Need to go farther north, to the land of the liberal gringos!

I’m convinced a lot of the West’s problems, and interrelatedly a lot of the problems bedeviling beta males, could be solved with a proper and complete understanding of cause and effect.

But no one’s much interested in cause and effect anymore (to economists: externalities), because the logic of it is a huge buzzkill to our gadget-enslaved, lifestyle advertising, virtue sniveling ipod people.


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