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Audacious E put together a graph of political donations during the 2016 election season and uncovered an astounding left-wing bias at Facecock:

…crooked Hillary received more than 85% of all campaign contributions made by Facebook employees during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign. Democrats took 93.1% of the total; Republicans 5.8%, and third-party candidates 1.1%.

Hillicon Valley is more lopsidedly leftoid than the Chaimstream Media. Incredible.

America’s arguably two most powerful institutions — tech and media — are anti-White left wing to the hilt. Floor to rafters staffed by leftists, run by leftists, and owned by leftists. This is very bad for democracy. No way can we sustain the fiction of a working republic with an IngSoc thumb firmly on the scale of fairness, free speech, and objectivity.

As I’ve been saying for a while, the only guaranteed solution to this problem of leftoid control of the command centers of America is a mass culling of them from the ranks of the media and, we may as well add, from Shillicon Valley technopolies. There really is no other solution. We won’t change their minds; we won’t convince them of mercy toward the dissident voices they censor and silence. We can only defeat them, totally, utterly, mercilessly, and run them out of power on a rail(car). It’s the only way to be sure.

Here’s to hoping, once again, that Trump or his surrogates read this blog and slip in the word “cull” in one of his morning tweetshivs to subtly acknowledge the influence this blog has on their thinking, and to signal their commitment to the necessary culling, by whatever means.





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