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Generation Anhedonia

Menaquinone4, a funny and talented shiv wielder booted off Twatter to join the rest of us deplorable hate-istes, had a thread musing about the Anhedonia Strain that seems to have swept like a virus through his generation. (Note: this post was dredged from the recesses of the draft folder, so you’ll excuse its dated source.)


That’s a great point about the deception of intensifying sexual ostentation (in both the mate signaling and inner-directed psychological senses) paradoxically indicating a flagging libido. When libidos are high (at least in the Eurasian races of Man), it takes but an uncovered calf to get the pump primed. The twerking and posturing and yoga pants and stripperwear of da club girl is needed to cut through the r-selected meat market noise and possibly through the fog of diminished libidos.

More germanely, a puzzling aspect of the post-America, gynarcho-tyrannical sexual market is the superficially contradicting trend of higher partner counts (increased cock carousel ridership) coupled with lower sex frequency. What gives? Four factors immediately come to mind which may account for this strange cuntfluence: one, higher partner counts could reflect lower desire for longer term relationships, or less ability to keep an LTR, and sex is generally more frequent within relationships than without (there is for most people a lot of incel downtime between lovers, unless you are a master class skirt chaser).

Two, higher partner counts could be a consequence of unrestrained female hypergamy, in which economically self-sufficient careerist shrikes bounce from partner to partner seeking the next alpha male thrill and beta males bounce from partner to partner out of necessity because women are delaying relationship and family formation. (Alpha male cads will also partner bounce, but for a different reason: variety is the spice of life.) Again, a lot of cock or cooch hopping can decrease sexual frequency if there is significant downtime between fuck buddy acquisitions.

Three, biomechanical and sociocultural influences like Big Pharma, Big Soy, Big Obesity, Big Vidja, Big Porn, Big Diversity, Big Wage Stagnation, Big Feminism, and Big Poz can contribute to physiologically lowered libidos as well as to a psychologically stunted desire to build a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. Years and years of frivolous, short term “hooking up” intermingled with lengthy bouts of social isolation can run up partner count without padding intercourse frequency.

Four, Americans (and Westerners generally) are becoming pathologically narcissistic. The blame for this can be apportioned to multiple causes (social media, digital cameras, online anonymity, thirsty beta males, lifestyle instead of wealth-based SWPL status striving etc), but the end result is men and women with extremely fragile egos refusing to accept the possibility of romantic rejection and therefore shying from taking a risk in the mate market, preferring the zero-investment option of occasional and nebulous hook ups that avoid risky declarations of love (or even ONS interest) in favor of noncommittal “hanging out” in which soypenis somehow, through gay alchemical magic, slips into piercedvagina. And from this consortium of mate market confusion, Regret Rape, #MeToo, Xanax, and mixed signals accelerate the retreat from LTRs and marriage. This toxic androgyny can have another effect: it kills sexual desire and neuters hook ups until those precious moments are reduced to fingers jammed into dry vaginas and lockjaw blowjobs delivered with the perfunctory rush of someone eager to get home in time for the latest streaming effluvium on Pussyhat TV.

The solution is patriarchy, because only under patriarchy are women’s beauty and femininity, and men’s strength and masculinity, fully appreciated.

Sexy men and women create sensual times.
Sensual times create soy males and manjawed bitterbitches.
Soy males and manjawed bitterbitches create anhedonic times.
Anhedonic times create sexy men and women.


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