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EU Head Juncker Slams Poland for Taking in Ukrainian Migrants But Not Muslims

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Poland should not choose which refugees to admit and should accept Muslims and other groups.

President Juncker said that Poland did not show the proper ‘solidarity’ with the rest of the political bloc because it has only allowed in large numbers of Ukrainian migrants and not Muslims, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

During a meeting with new Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Juncker praised the country for allowing in many Ukrainians displaced by the country’s internal conflict; however, he later said: “We are in talks with Hungary and Poland. I do not accept them saying, ‘we do not accept coloured people, Muslims, or homosexuals in our territory’. It is a major violation of European fundamental values.”

Jakub Dudziak, an official in Poland’s migration department, said: “In the streets, you can not tell if people are Poles or Ukrainians, we’re very much alike. It may be that the Poles are afraid of people coming from other parts of the world.”

Poles understand that race matters. Ukrainian migrants (likely from West Ukraine) are far closer genetically and culturally to Poles, and would therefore assimilate easily and abide Polish social norms and values. As the Polish official noted, Poles and Ukrainians are hard to tell apart. People who are physically similar are usually — due to the transitive property governing the relationships between phenotype, genotype, and personality — psychologically and behaviorally similar. Within this sphere of similarity, social connections are built on a foundation of shared values, personal affinities, and trust.

The effete traitor Juncker also understands race matters, which is why he wants swarths to overrun the last bastions of explicit Whiteness in Europe and destroy those precious and fragile social bonds, forged over millennia, forever. He is an enemy of the European peoples and in a de-clowned West would be treated as such.

The United States of America must impose a lengthy immigration moratorium and if or when the time comes to re-allow immigration, return to the immigration policy of the 1924 Immigration and Naturalization Act if this country wants to remain united.


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