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imo this is the most bizarre unreported fact to come out of the Parkland shooting: Unedited video of David Hogg coaching a girl, as they’re presumably hiding in a closet during the shooting, to say “we need diversity”. Creepy af and hints at a much larger scandal looming.

Interviews @davidhogg111 conducted during the #Parkland shooting were reported in the @MiamiHerald. In the clip, Hogg asks a peer “what’s your message?” She answers. He then asks, “do you want to say anything else?” She declines. Then he whispers “come on” & “we need diversity”? pic.twitter.com/aM4fpOXcmR

— Richard Armande Mills (RAM) (@RAMRANTS) February 21, 2018


Many prominent leftoids are now calling for repealing 2A. I can’t think of a better turn of events for GOP fortunes in the midterms than Democrats going hogg-wild with calls for repealing the 2nd Amd. Instant right-wing voter turnout surge!

If Trump continues baiting the Dems into running on 2A repeal and coddling illegal aliens, he could raw dog every porn whore in LA and still see his favorability polls go up.

Dems and their invasive kudzu pets are overreaching on the gun issue, calling for repeal of 2A, but one can understand why they make this mistake: recent history shows huge and rapid gains for the degenerate freak mafia on issues such as tranny bathrooms and gay marriage. The typical Dem sees how easy it was to take a mile, so…


The Left’s ultimate goal is the restriction of free speech for their political & social opponents, by creating for themselves the power to deem what is and isn’t acceptable speech.

2A has to fall before 1A, to get the people accustomed to losing their cherished Rights, and ofc to remove the final obstacle to realizing their totalitarian dreams.


WHITE PILL: Trump’s Commerce Dept just added a citizenship question to the 2020 census. This move could significantly cut into California’s representative apportionment and electoral power.

Big deal: The Commerce Department just announced that the Trump administration is adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 census questionnaire pic.twitter.com/5wTRsABdnW

— Andrew Restuccia (@AndrewRestuccia) March 27, 2018


Judeo-Christian heritage. From DEUSVULT: Norway is still a very homogeneous white European society “so there is a job to done” says Ervin Kohn, President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

tick tock it’s 1:10 o’clock.

The Semite’s lack of self-awareness is necessary to their success as a diasporic tribe. If they understood the consequences of their malice and showed empathy towards those it hurts (Gentiles), they’d not be as powerful as they are because good will and empathy work against the accumulation of raw F YOU power.

Atavator writes,

More importantly, it would probably work against their continued existence as a tribe. They would continue to exist as people, but not as A people. They’d simply get along with those around them, and then intermarriage would basically erase the identity, subsuming it into the surrounding group of goyim.

Listen closely to Jews, and you’ll occasionally hear this: intermarriage is feared nearly as much as a shoah.

This is why the state of Israel is such an interesting experiment. You’d think if the primary interest of Jews was to survive as a group, they’d all go there. But they’re evidently splitting their strategic chips, as it were, not fully trusting the way of other groups. Whether this is conscious or subconscious is hard to say.

My opinion has always been that Israel is necessary for this reason. Played correctly, it allows us to force Jews to make a choice: assimilate or go there — you can’t have it both ways. Nobody else gets it both ways.

Game theory experiments have proven that ethnocentrism defeats humanitarianism as a survival strategy, so…


The high IQ and educationally accomplished of the nonwhite races will clink glasses with elite Whites, but when tribal push comes to immigration restrictionist shove those articulate, well-to-do nonWhites will post-haste ally themselves politically with their dumb brutish co-ethnics to stick it to Whitey. There’s no whitewashing blood.


I’m still looking incredulously at this pit crew of mutants and wondering how in the hell the british decided it was a good idea to invite them in by the millions. hey brits, it would be a lot faster if you put the gun in your mouths. Right-o chap, you banned guns. Try throwing yourselves in the Thames then.

These gargoyles are no more “Oxford men” than I’m a shogunate man.

Soul cleanser and loin girder: “What do they know of England”:


The reason this meme…

…has triggered leftoids so hard and emboldened the Right is because it hitches the Boomer-friendly Constitutional Crisis angle to the face of a brown dyke, hitting that subconscious reptilian part of our brains that lights up when our way of life and our values are under threat from foreign invaders.


One of those 56%er Parkland narcisshits admitted to bullying school shooter Nikolas deJesus Cruz.

Emma Gonzalez admits to bullying School Shooter Nikolas Cruz And Says She Was Justified In Doing So.#ParklandShooting #MarchForOurLives pic.twitter.com/bgJg9gD4FY

— ??Meme America?? (@Millenniel_Matt) March 26, 2018

J.R. quips,

so wait – we have to give up our guns and tear up the Constitution cause some Bald Brown Dyke bullied an autistic kid until he went postal?

that doesn’t seem fair

Heh. Memed:

Double barreled heh:


— Crazyslutmagazine the sequel (@HomoFreemasons) March 27, 2018


The Senators should be asking these mini-tyrant tech reptiles why they routinely ban the speech of users with differing political views. And then smash their companies to bits and turn them into common carrier utilities.


How about that! Another thot-for-teacher caught banging her underage charge. (As always, we here at Le Chateau wonder if the lucky boy was a colorful lad.) Wait for the sequel: hubby makes a tearful announcement that he will “support and forgive” his wife “during this challenging time”.


White power couple Martin and Brittany listened to my advice and released a photo of themselves with the harmonious dominant alpha/submissive female body language. That’s the spirit!


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