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A reader needs Game advice (for a friend, natch):

So you meet this girl. Very pretty & seems to be going well so far – albeit short time. Then she sends you this photo of her new manicure. Thoughts? Pull eject lever? Asking for a friend.

The photo was sent unsolicited, so he could see her new nails. It’s her left hand; her thumb is on the right.

I’ve decided to turn this reader’s quandary into a Test of Your Game post. Put yourself in his position. Pretty girl just sent you the pic above. You got her digits.

What do you do?

Clue: roses are red, violets are blue, palimpsests are nice, but anthroposcopy rules.

I’ll post below the best answers from commenters. Stay sharp!

PS If you can gauge a woman’s character, you can Game her with customized material. Solve the clue, and you’ll have more insight into her needs, wants, and desires than a man should be legally allowed to have.


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