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The Black Adoption Experience

Anonymous unloads a MOAB of Truespeak about the reality of Whites adopting NAM (non-asian minority) babbies.

A decade ago I dated a Peak RBF career gal who, unable to have her own kids had adopted a mystery meat child out of desperation during the last few years of her failing marriage.

The kid, born to a drug-addict mother who basically sold him in a private adoption was picked up at birth and ensconced in the upscale family home in a predominately white community.

When I began dating her, said kid was 7. He had never met his mother but that didn’t stop the birth mom from getting in touch with the adoptive parents, claiming to need more money, which they often provided. Anyway, to get to the point.

This kid had never met his mother, no one knew who his father was, and he’d never been exposed to anything but western-European culture and values.

When I met the kid, my first observation was that he lacked any empathy whatsoever. He dominated his adoptive mother, even at 7, and out of guilt she acquiesced to his every demand. His world-view appeared to be one of “other people are there for my convenience and god help you if you don’t comply.”

Back then, I mistakenly assumed that a little tough love could help the child turn into a respectable young man. I would soon discover that I was mistaken.

I dated mom for a year and our time together was invariably spent dealing with the fallout from her kid’s behavior. His tantrums turned into rages which eventually turned into violence when he didn’t get what he wanted, when he wanted it and how. To wit, the kid exploited his mother’s empathy at his ‘being brown-skinned’ to his advantage over and over and over. When he discovered that his manipulations failed to work on me, I became the enemy.

What I came to realize is that here was a perfect example of nature vs nurture. Here was a child who had spent zero time in his native ‘habitat’ and still came to develop the nature that his genetic coding specified.

I ended that relationship when I saw that the kid was going to be a liability.

The worst part of this knowledge is that it is so utterly dangerous. We all know the truth but to speak this aloud often results in a mock social media trial and speedy immolation.

David French wept.

Some White shitlibs are truly naive. They put their virtue signaling to practice. And they pay the price.

Most White shitlibs secretly know the score. But they virtue signal — aka LIE — anyhow, because 1. they’re afraid to lose their social status and 2. their egos are fragile.

Because the White shitlib ego is almost wholly tied up with the White shitlib’s ideological commitment, very few shitlibs will renounce their ideology even in the face of overwhelming evidence that undermines it. But the smart ones know enough to mouth the freakqualism platitudes that stroke their egos while avoiding the practices that turn their platitudes into real life misery.

The dumber ones….they take their pain with them to the grave, a lifelong journey of self-delusion muttered through gritted teeth and betrayed by soul-killed eyes, consoling themselves at every step that at least they weren’t a Deplorable. Sad!


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