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The Empathy Gene

I’ve teased in these pages the idea, buttressed by scientific evidence, that empathy may not be evenly, universally distributed. That the sexes are differently-empathic, and the races (whoa!) may not be equally empathic either. This is thought crime of the highest degree, because innate racial differences in empathy — some groups having tender feelz and other groups having an empathic response that seems developmentally stunted in the pre-adolescent stage — have huge downstream consequences in every aspect of our lives living in this Diversitopia.

Imagine the strains on our criminal justice system if the philosophy of the mind supporting it was overturned by the new knowledge that the criminal suspects of some races, on average, are less able to empathize with their victims and consequently have relatively less moral agency than the criminal suspects of more empathic races.

Well, on time and under budget, here comes my favorite whore ¡SCIENCE! to giggle and stroke my ego again with this latest finding:

Now scientists say empathy is not just something we develop through our upbringing and life experiences – it is also partly inherited.

A study of 46,000 people found evidence for the first time that genes have a role in how empathetic we are.

And it also found that women are generally more empathetic than men. […]

…in this new paper, published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, scientists looked to see if how empathetic we are can be traced to our genes.

Participants in the study had their “empathy quotient” (EQ) measured with a questionnaire, and gave saliva samples for DNA testing.

Scientists then looked for differences in their genes that could explain why some of us are more empathetic than others.

They found that at least 10% of the differences in how empathetic people are is down to genetics.

“at least”. It’ll wind up being a lot more than that once the genetic analysis data rolls in like an unstoppable tsunami, you can bet.

The dam is bursting on the curators of acceptable discourse. The direction of discovery is rapidly and remorselessly aiming toward more genetic influence, and less cultural influence, on human cognition and behavior. The Blank Slate thesis is badly wounded, and in our lifetimes it will be killed and laid to rest and the world will change forever from that point onward.


A reader says one reason the shitlib elite like their spanish-speaking brown help is because they have nothing in common, so they can’t empathize with them and therefore it’s easier to boss them around. I wonder if, ironically, it’s those of us who warn against diversification of a nation’s people who are the most empathetic by nature, because we see the damage diversity does to social bonds and how it robs us of the small victories of being able to share an emotional and psychological connection with our neighbors and laborers.


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