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The Danegeld

This is why even hardcore virtue signaling shitlibs sweat bullets and pay through the nose trying to get their shitliblings into White school districts.





GeneS writes about his experience with Diversity™,

Good Lord, that’s nothing. I taught in a High School in a well-known suburb east of Cleveland, Ohio for over twenty years and watched the school gradually shift from white to majority black as the years went by. You would NOT believe the stuff I saw and lived through. I found shit on the bathroom walls, dealt with assaults (even rapes!) during the school day, found the hallways packed with screaming animals every 50 minutes all day every day, heard “F### You!” And “N####R!” screeched hundreds of times a week, passed by one chaotic classroom after another as I walked through the school, shook my head over the mindless destruction of school property, hopelessly tried to teach mathematics to students who could not read and who could not reason, ran toward fights in the halls which immediately escalated every time into the most horrific scenes out of darkest Africa, comforted broken white teachers who were sobbing in the staff lounge…. it was a nightmare that never ended. I was paid very well, so I hung in there and finally earned my retirement, but it scarred my soul for sure. I came to the district a starry-eyed liberal and left 23 years later an extremely hardened race realist. Make no mistake, negroes are NOTHING like the rest of us.

The worst part of red pill awareness is realizing that our overlords shoving Diversity down our throats KNOW FULL WELL the miseries they are imposing on America. And they don’t care….

….or it’s part of their plan.


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