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Internet Bill Of Rights

The new robber barons are the Silicon Valley technopoly overlords. Today’s Standard Oil and Ma Bell are Goolag, Faceborg, Twatter, and Fapple. These anti-American pro-censorship leftoid behemoths must either be broken up or regulated as common carrier utilities.

To that end, everyone reading here must go right now and sign the Internet Bill of Rights petition to Congress and the White House requesting they ACT NOW to stop the menace of the Big Four and their fully converged subsidiaries like YouTube and PayPal. (h/t Steve Silver)

Internet forums and social networks which provide free access to the public are a digital place of assembly, and individuals using such methods for public communication should not be subjected to censorship due to political beliefs or differing ideas. Conservative voices on many large public website platforms are being censored, based solely on a differing opinion. Some of these platforms further employ tracking mechanisms for monitoring an individual’s digital history, which can be used to censor the individual’s public communication through various censorship practices, sometimes without knowledge or awareness. These actions directly violate personal liberty and stand at contrast with the bill of rights.

We the people demand action to bring our digital future into the light.

We will make our dissident voices heard.


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