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Ugly Truth Of The Day

When a woman cheats, odds are she’ll fuck the man with whom she cheats harder, longer, deeper than she has ever fucked her husband or boyfriend.

tclifford adds a relevant quote:

From Anthony Powell’s *A Writer’s Notebook*: “Being unfaithful to a woman gives a man rather tender feelings about her, but a woman usually hates a man when she is being unfaithful to him.”

It’s true because men have a harem mentality and a sexual appetite that can be easily divorced from emotional feelings, while women have a “be part of an alpha male’s harem” mentality and a sexual appetite that cannot be easily divorced from emotional feelings. It’s why a man can cheat on a perfectly loving partner, while a woman often resents and despises the partner who (she rationalizes) pushes her into cheating on him to seek the love she needs.

Bonus UTotD:

“Unwanted sexual advance” is an oxymoron. How’s a man supposed to know he’s sexually unwanted if he doesn’t advance? The advancing is necessary to find out if it’s unwanted. PoundMeToo


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