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America used to be a Small House-Big Lot country.

America then became a Big House-Small Lot pseudo-country.

And She is on her way to becoming a Small Living Quarter-No Lot post-country.

Thanks, Globalist Scum, for turning American into a real life human version of Calhoun’s rat dystopia experiments!


In heartening news: when young White men are ready to fight, the world will shake.

PS De-urbanization should be a major plank of the Maul-Right. Crass, mass urbanization is intimately tied up with national decline. To save America, we must spin off Americans from the centripetal pull of the urban soymachine.


From RedPillofHergest:

Went with friends to a top ranked ski resort in New England for an over-priced (white-priced ?) weekend. At lunch we observed an extended family nearby. The brothers obviously worked out, looked to be late 20s or early 30s, both married to slender, blonde, attractive women. Each had 2 kids. There were 3 boys and girl, aged probably 4-8. One of the dads gave them a $5 and they wriggled past the crowd near the door waiting to be seated, through the packed restaurant, right along the bar, to the door in back that led down the hall to the arcade. A few minutes later we laughed as the little girl, all flowing long hair and batting eyelids asked for more quarters. One woman in our group said, “those boys aren’t dumb! Send the girl to hit him up.” And dad poked back at his daughter with “you guys went through 20 quarters already?!”, hesitating until she leaned in with a “puh-leeeeez?” before coughing up another $5. And off she went alone through the gauntlet of adults, out of sight in an instant. I looked to a 16 year old boy in our group and said, “what do you make of that? Those little kids going off like that and nobody is worried about them?” He replied, “so? I used to do the same thing here,” And then I hit him with, “You know why parents let their kids do it? Because this is a homogenous environment. Everybody operates the same way. If there were any freak that might hurt a kid, he would stand out in this crowd, and people would put a stop to it.” His eyes started scanning the crowd. “Now”, I finished, “imagine if you’re entire country was like that !”

*sigh* Heavenly thoughts.


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