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Shut It Down!

Truth & Beauty are breaching The Fuggernaut’s perimeter defenses. You can tell this is happening because The Fuggernaut has, perhaps hastily, resorted to coordinated censorship of dissidents. The Keepers of the Globohomo Orthodoxy have mowed down innumerable thought criminals on Faceborg, Goolag, Twatter, and Fapple, and now they’re turning their silencing superweapon against Alt-Tech.

By Rabbi Abraham Cooper […]

–The Alt Tech phenomenon is gaining traction. Extremists in the Alt-Right movement reject the rules laid out by social media companies and others to curb online hate. As a result, they increasingly use platforms where there are few if any rules and, when necessary, start their own online funding efforts. Taking their inspiration from far-right gains in Europe, the U.S.-based extremists are recasting neo-Nazism, xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and white supremacism with a new vocabulary (e.g. “It’s OK to Be White,” “Stop White Genocide”). An entire subculture of hate is taking shape online ranging from Pepe the Frog’s icon to gaming apps to t-shirts—all using insiders’ vocabulary.

When your enemy has lost the argument in the arena of ideas, but refuses to cede power or admit defeat, then he will, while power is still in his hands, silence, censor, suppress, slander, gaslight, and blacklist you and anyone remotely associated with you. It’s what psychopathic neurotics do when things don’t go their way and their vision of a Globalist Market Bazaar in every small town is thwarted by the common man. If they can’t beat a foe’s ideas, they’ll beat the foe into submission.

This is where the West is at today, and the potential for the current stand-off to get a lot worse is at least as great as the potential for it to resolve peacefully and to the benefit of Heritage America.

But an uprising is coming. A Z which haunts their Zzzzs. And they know. It’s why they’re desperate to SHUT IT DOWN, while the shutting down’s good.

Over the course of this time, we’ve witnessed a frightening evolution in the sophistication of the tools they use and professionalism by which they go about their work. Today, we’re on the verge of a tipping point.

“tipping point” = “our decades-long curated Lies are about to be exposed”

The post-millennial Generation Z has grown up with a smartphone in its hands and is reaching adulthood with an unprecedented ability to organize, fundraise, and, if so inclined, to create hateful content and distribute it through fragmented, but interconnected media channels.

Translation: Unmonitored free speech is a threat to our democracy.

Here are the principal 2018 takeaways, all tying back to the common theme that we are dealing with more agile and increasingly capable adversaries:

Adversaries = White Gentiles. The mask has slipped so far down the face it’s like one of those comedy skits where the light suddenly goes on while a shadowed anonymous person is being interviewed.

Here is the good news: While far from perfect, most major social media providers, led by Facebook, are removing hate and terror postings.

These types never, ever learn the age-old lesson: they can censor the Truth and ostracize Truespeakers all they want, but the Truth never stays subdued for long. The Truth’s dominion is encompassing and irrepressible. If you strike down ten of us today, a hundred more will rise tomorrow, angrier and more vengeful than the martyrs they followed. Each iteration of censorship by the ruling elite begets a bigger army of the censored.

So we’re at a crossroads, anticipating the beleaguered elite’s next move. It’s in this time, cornered and stuck like pigs, that the elite are most dangerous. Oppress soldiers of the pen now, prepare for soldiers of the sword later. They censor and humiliate us with Fake Support for their nation-crushing agenda, and now they even jail us for speaking impolitely about essential differences between the sexes and races, and for daring to confront the corrupt authority in which so much faith has been lost. They’ve instituted their nuclear option all over the West, hoping to contain the stifled majorities that have experienced at long last the exhilaration of free thought unchained from the Globohomo Narrative.

It’s too late for them. All it takes is the tiniest morsel of mental and psychological freedom to shun the padded cell of soothing globalist boilerplate. There’s no going back, and attempts by the discourse gatekeepers to rewind the clock will fail, miserably, utterly, and, if they push it, spectacularly.


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