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Grassroots Donations

I don’t thank my grassroots donors often enough. Like the NRA, and unlike just about every left-wing nonprofit advocacy group, this humble Chateau has lots of individual small donors standing up to the Globohomo behemoth.

So thank you, generous readers, those who have given a lot or a little. (Even you, that one guy who donated $0.69. I see what you did there.) It is appreciated.

Reminder that donations are always welcome, year round, big or small or epically yuge. The donate button is at the right side of the home page of this blog, just under the “where pretty lies perish” part of the banner. Direct link.

As a show of gratitude, there are two large Reader Mailbags scheduled for publication soon, chock full of answers to your pressing pickup and relationship questions. The core mission of this blog is, and has always been, to help men understand, navigate, and succeed in the modren sexual market, and to find and manage their role in a chaotically shifting cultural landscape. Topics can veer wildly here, but the core mission is never forgotten.


Screenshotted, and on bucket kick watch stand-by, ready to deploy an army of happy dancing Snoopys for the glorious occasion.


Reminder that the Chateau is a glowing, warm light guiding lost travelers to its doors and holding the encroaching darkness at bay. This encroaching darkness:


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