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Theodore asks,

Game question: What is the best way to respond when a girl asks if she annoys you?

As you probably surmised, this question is a trap. If you answer yes, she “got to you” and you sound a little butthurt. If you answer no, and she really is annoying, you look weak for appeasing her. A teasing evasion is the way to go. I’d answer, “now you do”, or “when you ask questions like that, you do”. One of my favorite go-to lines for taunting girlquestions like this one is, “You wish”. It totally deflates a smarmy beyotch and re-establishes yourself as the dominant banter force.

The other countermove is Agree&Amplify. “Yes, you are the most annoying girl I have ever met. Each second with you is like waterboarding torture. I’m gonna call you Gitmo.” Obviously if you’re saying this with a wry smile and over-the-top eye rolls, she’ll laugh and come back down to earth to meet you human-to-human instead of shit testing theatrical drama queen-to-human.

The Gotcha! Girl trips up many a beta male with her deviously probing questions. The best frame of mind to have for skirting this trap is to dodge her rhetorical charge and make it about her and her insecurities instead of about you qualifying yourself to her. The thrust (heh) of a man’s seduction should always be away from qualifying himself and towards qualifying the girl.


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