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Why I Love President Trump

This video of an extemporaneous Trump telling it like it is about hot female teachers boffing their male students explains better than a thousand-word essay could why I, along with tens of millions of Americans, hold a deep and profound nohomo love for the man.


— Mel Gibson fan 3 (@MelGibsonFan3) February 28, 2018

I didn’t think it possible I could love this man more than I already do.

Everything about this video clip is high T goodness. Trump’s facial expressions, his cool under the pressure of a left-field question, the way he looks at the camera and only briefly visually acknowledges the sexy reporter, and of course his answers.

“male students haven’t been hurt by [sex with their teachers]” Politihack rating: 100% TRUE

“they’re going around bragging about it” Politihack rating: 100% TRUE

“i don’t see a lot of damage done” Politihack rating for both the stated and implied assertions: 100% TRUE. Teen boys are psychosexually different than teen girls. A right good fuck with a hot teacher isn’t gonna leave lasting emotional scars on a horny young man.

“i would say her husband cannot be happy” Politihack rating: 100% TRUMP

The great irony of our Fake News Agitprop Age is that Trump speaks more raw honest truth in a day than the Left and their cucktrolled opposition have spoken in the last sixty years.

And that’s the TRUTH that burns Trump’s enemies, and why they are sinking in a morass of their own psychological projection.


PS Here’s an insight worth reading about Trump’s WINNING strategy:

Black Pillers, chill out. Trump knows what he’s doing. He’s a master at out-maneuvering and mindfucking the media (and by the associative property, the Democrat Party).

It’s why I don’t take everything Trump says at face value. I take him seriously, but not literally. He says — in front of cackling hand-rubbing Feinstein — that he wants to ban guns? That’s the deception. He lies to his enemies — to America’s enemies — and that’s a good thing, because the Left plays for keeps. And Trump is the warrior we need to crush the Left.


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