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Ted Colt asks for some Game advice to give his son,

other than fleeing, what advice would you give my son?

He’s referring to this scenario:

If a chick sincerely and weirdly said that to your son, and she was cute enough to consider angling for the bangling? He should ask if that pickup line has ever worked for her.

A fledgling womanizer up for the challenge of seducing femcunts-in-training will never go wrong macking these girls using the one-two combo of “assume the sale” and “flip the script” game techniques. Assume she’s trying to pick you up, and flip the female chasee-male chaser script. All delivered with a tacitly, pregnantly jerkboy je ne sais cock.

These kinds of girls — the screechy parroters of feminist drivel — were never very common, but their numbers have been increasing since The Insanity took over America, so there’s a chance your son may come across a girl saying something like this to him, in which case my line above should help him pass her shit test with flying colors and wipe the early onset schoolmarm sneer off her face.


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