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Random Cat Game

Birthday Cat Game is a tried and true flirt-over-text technique. But generic Cat Game is an all-purpose, any-time, any-place pickup ploy. Your Cat doesn’t have to be diving into a birthday cake to make an impression on a girl.

A reader gives an example of Random Cat Game,

I met a Korean smokeshow the other day at the mall, instant boner but I knew that there would be an element of flakiness over the phone.

She dodged an attempt at date setup, so I deployed a non sequitur as per CH teachings, worked a charm.. and this one is combined with a cutie pie element and some qualification.

I’m trying to balance out game with this kind of thing, since many women are intimidated by me in person (scar on my forehead).

The exchange:

This was a stalled out text convo (note the time stamps between the cat text and the previous text), which was rescued by the cat in the bread pic. The follow-up Game was tight, too, disqualifying the girl by asking her if she could best a cat in the cuteness and fun departments.

This isn’t Jerkboy Game, unless you want to call it the mildest form of jerkiness. It’s really just a  form of teasing and light-hearted self-amusement that tragically escapes most beta males when they’re interacting with women, who take them far too seriously. Levity isn’t in the beta male’s playbook, which is unfortunate because levity is a social cue of a man’s sexual abundance. A well-fed man is attractive to women because he is a proven commodity; no need to wonder if he’s a beta under the hood.


PS I agree with some commenters that this guy’s text game, other than the cat pic, is pretty bad. But the power of the non sequitur is evident in its ability to distract a “smokeshow” from otherwise bad text game.

PPS You don’t need much jerkboy game to flirt with waifu material. Asian chicks tingle at a different frequency than White girls; asians generally prefer, or at least better tolerate, niceguy beta courting, and can be intimitaded by the type of jerkboyishness that White girls love.

PPPS If you’re wondering why I’ve focused on Cat Game so much, it’s because 1. it works and 2. it adopts the primary symbol of spinsterhood — the cat — and turns it against the bitter cat ladies who despise men aiming to date and fuck a higher class of women. Cat Game is about #LoveWins and #LonelySpinstersLose.


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