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What Is Allure?

A woman blushing.

A blushing red tide slowly cresting over a White woman’s porcelain-skinned face as she takes in the power of your presence is a sight unequalled in the human kingdom for its primal allure. Only unfolding labia perform similar magic on a man’s swelling pride.

The full body blush is more intoxicating still. Watch as the crimson hue spreads over her chest, her breasts, up her neck, to her cheeks and her ears. Blushing is the body’s betrayal of the heart’s infatuation.

This is another one of those divine traits that White women have as a blessing of their lineage and which is the envy of the world’s nonWhite women. A few lightly toasted women can visibly blush, but you have to look closely, under good light, as the red struggles to emerge from the brown.

The palest White women, like the Irish, blush so hard that it hinders their ability to play coy for men because their true feelings are constantly revealed by the rush of lust to their faces.

When a girl blushes, a man falls in love again.


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