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Sweet Chai Breakfast Boi

There’s that nümale gloryhole face again, agape and waiting eagerly for the buckcock to jam the back of his throat. It’s the contorted grimace of fear and submission, and why not? The sweet chai breakfast boi with his soylent grin is the emasculated, aromatase product of a globohomo world order which prefers its consumerist cogs in a state of asexual surrender.

This buttplug generation can’t pass from the scene soon enough.

Related: The national emasculation is evident wherever you look. The latest trend is the “soyboy sit“, or the “soy sit”. Also called “cuck leg”.

The demasculinization of young men is a phenomenon that is pressured by a variety of outlets, namely feminist movements and college campuses. Since the ’80s, which famously marked the decline of the alpha male, the public idealization of masculinity has declined as far as traditionalism is concerned. Consider the icons of past decades (e.g. Clint EastwoodRobert ConradBurt Reynolds) with media stars today (Robert PattinsonHarry StylesJustin Bieber). There is something about a “feminine” man that succeeds in the current social paradigm.

“Succeeds”, only if loosely defined to mean “gets airtime on house organs and has to molest manjawed coworkers to get any action”.

Feminine men can only succeed in small numbers, by exploiting tiny sexual market niches as sneaky fuckers stealing women who’ve been emotionally abandoned by their chad lovers. But a society full of these feminine men, as we have now, is destined to fail, and fail spectacularly. The sexual polarity will return with a force. The natural order will resume. The God of Biomechanics doesn’t slumber for long.


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