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The 2%

Our favorite slithery reptile Esssra Klein types that democracies die when White Christian Americans don’t bend over and welcome into their homelands the penetrating vibrancy of the Diversity World’s billions of nonWhites.

anon skewers this daft punk,

Right, because democracy is all about obeying the 2% to have your people and culture replaced by waves of serfs and helots whose children are indoctrinated to blame your race for all the ills of the world even as they leech off your people.

Btw, what kind of democracy is it that the 2% has more power than the 98%?

Sounds more like ethno-oligarchy.

The 2%. I like that catchphrase. Spread it far and wide, particularly into soyim bunkers where the blindfolds concealing the true nature and identity of one of the most malevolent divisions of the enemy legion have been on for too long.

Maybe we’ll capture as allies for our revolutionary movement the anti-1%er occupybernie troops who will be pried loose from their petulant anti-Trumpism with the sloganeering similarity of “the 2%”.


In related Globohomo Ministry of Propaganda news, the sickening and likely demented Nancy Pelosi recruits her grandson into the anti-White cult and publicly parades him for tokens of Ingsoc-recognized virtue in service to the de-Whitening of America.


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