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SOTU, Brute?

What I want to see tonight: SOTU, Brute?
What I will likely get: Unity pabulum
What reaction this will cause: Accelerated disunity
What this will mean for 2018: plausible cover for Trump to continue clotheslining cucks and Dems.


Ricky Vaughn names the cuck,

List of traitors:







I really hope Trump hits these fucking traitorous cucks right where it hurts in his SOTU tonight by mentioning how unrestricted immigration hurts blacks the most. Hang them by the penumbras of their own cuckery.


The best thing that could happen for Trump (and by extension for America) is if prominent Dems just come right out and start yakking about the benefit of making America less White. Stay tuned to those SOTU responses from the Treason Party!


I’m pre-jizzing at the happy thought that Trump stares down the CACA Caucus Dems and says, while pointing at the family members victimized by MS13 invaders, “their blood is on your hands.” (Won’t happen, but should.)


Trump getting co-opted in any way by the “polite” establishment has NO benefit for him whatsoever. He’ll lose his base and he’ll never get the support of the Left. He might be able to shave off a few nevertrump cucks, but that number is already low. He should stick to being Trump: a man called upon to wage war against a corrupt genocidal globohomo elite.


I really hope Trump doesn’t start blabbing about offering an amnesty as part of a “deal”. The word alone is kryptonite to his supporters. I’ll know this SOTU didn’t go over well if I see Lindsay Gayham clapping in the audience. I understand the need for CYA “unity calls” and vapid cucknoise of that nature; I just hope he doesn’t go overboard and get used to the applause from the enemies of Heritage America.


If time permits, I’ll be live-shivving cryin chuck schumer’s sweating merchant brow tonight.


Time did not permit. However, I read all about it. This is the best analysis of Trump’s SOTU:

It was a fantastic speech, though, and one that I’m making sure to spread to any independents I know that have negative or undecided opinions about Trump. My blue dog boomer parents are getting the transcript emailed to them this morning. (Actually, send this speech to every boomer you know, if only for the prescription drugs section.) This speech exists to drive a wedge between sensible moderates and democrats and their radical elements. This was pure divide and conquer. The more Trump doubters and haters you convince, the more effective the MAGA agenda becomes.

Look at the numbers for this speech that were posted online. Basically every republican, 1/2 of democrats, and 3/4 of indies liked this speech. That’s an election winner, every time. This is a winner’s speech. This has to be our tone, both in our lives and in our politics. This is the winning approach. As promised, Trump is teaching us how to win.

no_poz reminds me why sometimes the slow play — rather than the sick burn — is the better long-term strategy,

CH I get the desire to chew on the raw red meat of dems and cucks getting shiv’d by GEOTUS in front of millions. But I have noted you prodding readers to think outside the box and I’d encourage you to do it here. Surely you haven’t forgotten the three rules of Trump?

Give it time. He will not let us down. He is driving multiple wedges around the dems. They are being isolated and exposed as un-American, alien life forms. You are witness the complete decimation of a political party in slow motion. Schumer looked like fucking Golem and Pelosi is a Tales From The Crypt lich.

We’re just getting started here.

What I wanted to see for purely selfish reasons — shivs galore — was not necessarily best for Trump or Trumpism in this moment. He did the right thing by playing it down the middle. Now I hope that when the time comes to cash in the good will and leverage he’s built up for himself, he doesn’t go and ruin it with any permutation of a mass amnesty. In the end, it’s policy that matters. The road to get to the desired policy is great theater, but inconsequential when the costs and benefits are finally tallied and we are staring at either a rejuvenated America or a demographically doomed America.

Trust in Trump….but verify.


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