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Moby is “excited” about raw dogging Miss Manjaw and leaving behind a few disfigured blanks to wither and die out of sight of her womb. I’m not sure how anxiety or challenge figures into the future that follows this decision for alpha excision, but it must have something to do with the proper rhetoric to virtue snivel for their equally androgynous shitlib friends and broken-hearted family members.

Mock these people, but don’t sweat them. It’ll all shake out in the Darwinian stew in a generation or two. More anti-natalist shitlib Whites choosing to go childless (or the 1.2 child route) means a lot less of their full spectrum snark pervading society. Maybe that’s what’s giving these two anxiety about the future. They’re the last of their non-breed.

PS Dollars to donuts The Chinster dumps Moby for a blackity black to birth a squad of gargroidles. And then poor Moby will be left with his de-privileged, powerless pud and his estrogen-boosting double IPAs to burnish his emasculate bona fides. Luckily for him the procedure is reversible, although complications are possible, such as suffering the tut tuts of his barren lib friends for daring to reconstruct a faint shadow of his masculinity.


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