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Baron Ungern-Zimmerman (TM) draws the Shiv of the Week by drawing an excellent analogy between Western women and that Twilight Zone episode featuring the evil, all-powerful child.

[The swarthy rapefugee] hit the right baboon buttons on the back of her brain. The strongest, smartest, handsomest, best color-coordinated, well paid, conscientious, most well spokended, fat penisted, masters of ceremonies, best tile laying, or most talented at playing the kazoo do not survive. Only the fittest for the conditions which they face.

Unfortunately, the current conditions are similar to that Twilight Zone episode, “It’s A Good Life,” where an omnipotent child holds everyone hostage according to his whim. That child is the unleashed vicissitudes of the female hindbrain.

This is what happens when you give too much social and political power to women: they act out, refuse all personal responsibility or accountability for any of their actions, and demand immediate satisfaction of any whim which happens to cross their minds.

In other words, it’s like giving power to a child. Don’t expect good things to come from that. Do expect caprice, cruelty, and short-sighted stupidity.


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