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Shithole Nationalism

Shithole Nationalism is basically White Nationalism minus the (((emotional))) baggage.

Other forms of implicit White Nationalism include but are not limited to:

  • White flight to the suburbs (getting farther away every year)
  • talking in euphemism about “good schools”
  • White reintroduction to gentrified, formerly nonWhite neighborhoods
  • Whole Foods, craft breweries, opposition to expanded mass transit from the inner city
  • the Founding Fathers and the Preamble to the Constitution

The Chaimstream Media and the gobsmacked shitlib masses it leads by the nose are menstruating over Trump allegedly asking why the US is “taking in immigrants from shitholes like Haiti and Africa instead of from Norway” during a meeting with Congresstraitors.

Everyone of sane mind asks the same question, but of course you’re not allowed to ask that aloud anymore. The worst sin in Clown World is to vocalize a truth (what are you, some ill-bred rube?) instead of suppressing it at great psychic cost and insisting the opposite is true so your soyciety lib friends won’t ostracize you or get you fired. Emperor has no clothes, on a mass scale.

And whom are these sanctimonious liberals fooling, anyway?

From MPC’s status updates:

Pres. Trump used the same word to describe Haiti that liberals use for the entire Midwest.

A reader suggested a Venn diagram to represent the latest self-manufactured shitlib outrage.

There’s a social signaling element to the shitlib reaction to Trump’s plainspeak, but there’s also an aggressiveness that belies an intent to humiliate the enemies of shitlibbery. @pen writes,

Refuting that “Haiti is a shithole” is the ultimate test of the communist apparatus’ power to humiliate.

2 + 2 = 5. (Orwell was a prophet)

Testosterone: “shithole countries”

Estrogen: “if i had a son, he’d look like trayvon”

mendo/eaux writes about how badly the libs have logic-trapped themselves with their insistence on not calling shithole countries shitholes,

…[libs] defending that those countries aren’t shitholes, then the obvious follow up, “then why are those people leaving?” puts them in a quandary.

Friggin’ checkmate!

It’s so unbelievably easy to checkmate shitlibs on the subject of uncontrolled mass third world immigration that it really speaks to the treachery, cowardice, or just plain stupidity of GOP cucks that they couldn’t do it for decades, as they presided over the US sinking into the mud.

“If these shithole countries are so great, why is everyone from there leaving them?”

“If White colonialism/imperialism/racism caused shithole countries to be shitholes, then why do shitholies want to come to White countries?”

“If America is an idea, why can’t we just send a copy of that idea to shithole countries so they can build their own cities on the hill?”

The fact is that shithole people (shitholies, to morally preening lib Whites) make shithole countries. Just as there’s no magic dirt in nice countries which will turn a Somali into a White Vermonter, there’s no magic dirt in shithole countries that turns them into shitholes irrespective of the people living there.

Which means, the more shitholies you bring to America from shithole countries, the more America becomes a shithole. The people, not the paper, make a nation.

Now I hear that Norwegians are twatting about the US being a shithole, in protest of Trump or something. Nobody virtue snivels like a scandicuck. They are world champions at disavowing their whiteness. NorRRREEgian anti-Trump poseurs who say the US is a shithole are thinking of the black ghettos, not the white parts of america. Or they’re outright lying for a pat on their pussies.

Ending on a positive note, Trump has masterfully pinned the Dems (and cucks) into a corner where they either have to deal with him or admit to the American Normie that they think the US should be eternally open to migration from the whole world, for any reason, at any time. A literal shithole depot. It would be tough for Trump not to look good when the dust on this settles. From a CH commenter: “The left will replay that “shithole” comment nonstop in 2020 and accidentally get Trump elected again.”

If, as it appears increasingly likely, Trump pushes the fuggernaut over the edge with a few coarse words and a couple of early morning shittweets, I have to just LOL that America may lurch into Civil War 2 and break up into regional entities because libs wept salty crocodile tears over DACA.


Great comment from a reader on the Left’s meltdown over the national conversation on immigration that Trump has forced:

Immigration is about sharing in the exploitation of the country, not sharing in the building or maintaining it.

To the Left, the US is something that White people found in North America and stole from Native Americans, and now we have to stop hoarding it and give it to the rest of the world.

Simple hooks are all Trump needs to destroy the Deceitful Uniparty and its leftoid lunatic army and win the approval of the majority of Americans. Simple hooks, like


PS The US State Department (no friend of Trump) believes Mexico is a shithole.

PPS Via /pol/ News Network, the US Department of State pays employees extra, up to 35%, to work in shithole countries.



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