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Our resident yenta and Oprah’s #1 fan, Spiritual But Not Religious Rick the Menstruation Within, stopped by to drop another steaming NeverTrump knish in the comments.

Well troll is one one way to describe Fredo Trump.. As for real estate, anybody can be successful when you dodge your debts via not paying workers and declaring bankruptcy.

Yes, that’s why the world is brimming with formerly bankrupt billionaire playboys. /sarcasm

Strap-on’s tepid shitlib boilerplate got Greg riled up and he replied with the customary atomic wedgie that causes the Aryan Viking Ubermensch’s anus to flutter in anticipation of the stimulation it will receive.

Disingenuous shill, if you knew anything about the construction industry and real estate, you’d know that the bankruptcy laws are used by many successful people because things don’t always go right. But the ENTIRE TRACK RECORD is where the rubber meets the road, and if Trump never paid his workers and always declared bankruptcy, he’d never had gotten past his first building.

The fact that his track record is extremely good, much better than most in those industries, and that he’s provided payment and jobs for tens of thousands of people is the heart of the matter.

But you’re the type of (((clown))) k!ke who would see Christ walking on water and neener-neener Him for not being able to swim.

Rick the Emergency Room Rectal Extraction is typical of his species: his life is a record scratch of shitlibboleths picked up at the Daily Kosher. He’s so stale, he thinks his stuff is fresh.

But his unprincipled snark, gleeful self-contradictions, hypocrisy, and sophistry do illustrate something I’ve thought about modren shitlibs for a while: Trump Derangement Syndrome is sublimated Trump Envy.

It’s so simple to demonstrate how utterly disingenuous are The Talmud Within and her pussyhat ilk. Thought experiment: consider an alternate universe in which thecunt (aka thecunt) was the outsider, charismatic real estate magnate candidate upending the old order and gunning for the corrupt establishment as the heroine of the workingman.

Now imagine in this alternate universe (where strapon within is actually a man) the encomiums to thecunt that shitlibs like rickygirl and their chaimstream media megaphone would be writing….about her incredible business acumen, the rebellion she leads, the coolness of her MAGA branding, the david vs goliath theme of her against-all-odds mission from God to take on the whole entrenched elite and the deep state, her authenticity, her tell-it-like-it-is plainspeak, her pro-America agenda, her fight against fat cats and greedy international corporations, her rousing stump speeches, her quick-thinking when attacked, her rhetorical mastery, her yuge rallies, and her genuine love and sympathy for the downtrodden and forgotten American.

It would be a tongue bath of epic proportions. So, really, the psychological state that drives shitlibs like Clitty Ricky insane with envious rage is that the person they really wanted to throw all their passionate support behind and to lead their side was instead….

leading the other side.

That’s gotta burn.


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