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Credentialism is inherently shallow and effeminate, which is why college is now 60% female and the other 40% are uptalking soyboys who can only approach asian girls after pinky-sipping a flight of craft beers.

Culture messages have a big part in changing public attitudes, which changes social policy. Mocking the credentialist suckup diddle-jerk will help realign public perception toward a healthy skepticism and disdain of left-wing, post-America, anti-White academia, and drain their coffers while preventing fertilely fruiting women from getting pulled into the anti-natal vortex of degree whoring. More crucially, it will spiritually enliven our men who have been propagandized to view any life course not winding through a 4-year (now 6-year) college indoctrination struggle session as failure, and bring a renewed esteem to the technical crafts that are men’s forte.

A Trump trade policy reinvigorating manufacturing in the US will go a long way to diminishing the malevolent power of the leftoid academia menopausal complex.


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