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Shiv Art

Shiv of the Week goes to the person or persons who put up this id-rending sign in the beating heart of Shitlibistan. Bonus shiv points for making it look like a legitimate State authorized welcome sign. I would guess Sabo did this handiwork, and for obvious reasons can’t take public credit for it.

Trump should retweet this photo with this simple attached message: DEMS WANT CHEAP VOTES, GOPE WANTS CHEAP LABOR. THEY GET MS13! That would go a long way to scaring the living FUCK out of the Globohomo Uniparty, and practically guarantee a successful realization of his nationalist-populism MAGAgenda.

As reader PA has said, shitlibs have to know they don’t own the public spaces. Not anymore. There’s a new agitator in town, and he’s had it up to here with the leftoid orthodoxy.


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