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Londonistan calling. I can’t tell if this is subversive street art satirizing post-moderinity or a sincere cry for self-abnegation. The educated guess is that it’s sincere, given that White Brits have become a Jim Jones cuck cult.

We all need a dendrite cleanser after that: Based boy makes pro-White Pepe hand sign during a meeting with President Trump.

Look at the shit-eating smirk on that little Whitelord. America is gonna be all right, after all. In due time she’ll fall into the loving care of a whole generation of ZFG Trumps.

A reader remarks,

This is actually no joke lol I’ve seen several kids doing that shit constantly. I told one if he knew it’s a Nazi sign. He answers, and I quote:

“Yes I already knew it meant white power or something thats offensive to lesbian dance theory majors”

This kid is like 12 LOL

Let’s face it, secret society pro-white hand signals under the noses of the Globohomo elite that provoke the jewish interest media to spill vats of ink dissecting for nefarious intent are so much cooler than any rebellious act the Left has done in the past fifty years of their cultural dominance.

A lot of the hatred on the Left for the dissident Right is motivated by artistic and aesthetic envy. Case in point: If hillary had come up with MAGA, the Left would have creamed themselves over her superior branding skills.


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