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Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, but what if the hypocrisy isn’t a tribute but a misinterpretation of a separate rule book?

chris comments,

It is not hypocritical to treat different things differently. It is hypocritical to treat same things differently.

Are men and women the same? Are the fitness costs for promiscuity the same for men and women?

Short and sweet. Parents are more vigilant about Daughter Guarding than they are about Son Guarding because daughter’s eggs are far more precious than son’s sperms, and there’s the fact that if daughter gets knocked up she’s bringing the baby home to family. So slut shaming women while rake praising men isn’t hypocrisy, but the expression of naturally formed sociopsychological rules to navigate two separate and distinct playing fields. It’s different standards for different things.

Real hypocrisy would be what we see virtue sniveling shitlibs offer up as alms to their Equalism God: they speak of the blessings of nonWhite Diversity™ as they retreat to homogeneous gated communities and gentrified urban cloisters. Here the rulebook governing what they preach and what they practice is the same; it’s different standards for the same thing.


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