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Christophobe shitlibs have latched like a hungry infant onto the snarkmeme that “thoughts and prayers” don’t solve gun violence. (Shitlibs have lost the part of their soul that understands people say these niceties not to solve social problems but to soothe the grief-stricken.)

What’s ironic about this recent malicious sneering by shitlibs against “thoughts and prayers” following the Sutherland Springs church massacre by an avowed atheist goon who escaped from a mental hospital, is that it mirrors the candlelight vigils shitlibs like to organize after a Muslim terror attack. If “thoughts and prayers” are political cowardice and an excuse for inaction, then so are candlelight vigils.

Of course, what shitlibs mean by political action is what they want put into action: banning guns and repealing the 2nd Amendment, with the ultimate goal of disarming White America so that they can start throwing dissident thinkers into prison without stirring up much fuss, like they do in Britain. What shitlibs DON’T mean by political action: banning the immigration of Muslims to prevent Muslim terror attacks.

The candlelight vigil is the shitlib call to inaction, because they fear what action means for their desired Diversitopia.

The similarity ends there, because “thoughts and prayers” are never meant to substitute for a long-term solution to chronic social problems, unlike “candlelight vigils” which are meant for exactly that reason.

A REAL solution to the Texas Atheist Massacre is demanding more competence from our government officials to enforce the laws already on the books, instead of what we get: a clerical error that enabled our atheist smasher of baby skulls to buy guns.

The shitlib will to power means consistency of thought and loyalty to principles is off the table; all that matters is winning the rhetorical battle, and the shitlib says whatever xir thinks gives xir the upper hand in the atomized debate zone. If the shitlib is self-contradicting, no problem! Just wriggle out of the lawgic trap by segueing to a freshly muddled thought. Accountability is for those who play by the rules.


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