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Trump’s tweets from this morning were extra spicy. Is he warming up for the MAGA crescendo?

Inexplicably, Jeff Sessions has now recused himself from any investigation into the Uranium One-Clinton-Russia pay for play scandal. Trump’s instincts about Sessions were right; he’s a Boomer cuckservative who will fold when the fight gets going. Either that, or the Deep State got to Sessions and threatened him if he tried to expose the entire corrupt Uniparty apparatus for the money funneling operation it is.

Sessions’ recusal from investigating the Uranium One deal means that the public will never know the truth about it. Mueller is s swamp creature and a hillary cabal member…exposing the thecunt’s pay for play criminality is as good as DOA. This might be Trump’s cue to replace Sessions. Bring on the God Emperor…


My Christmas wish list:
– Hollywood is rechristened “Mel Gibson’s Beyond Thunderdome”
– Hillary/Podestas in prison yard orange
– GoogleFacebookTwitter made public utilities
– opioid crisis solved, reenergized appalachian whites storm capitol hill with rope & gallows
– chuck schumer has a mental breakdown

Surprisingly, my wish list is less fantastical today than it was one year ago, so I’d call that a very merry march for progress!

PS I’m still waiting for the CIA to thoroughly sanitize the withheld JFK docs and release the cartoon version to the public, after which the Gaystream Media will ask none of the pertinent questions and will continue pushing the Trump-Russia hoax.


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