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A quavering quartet of Feedbuzz fruitcups had their testosterone levels measured, and the results will SHOCK you….with their utter predictability.

When the Asian dude in the group looks like the highest T, you know you’ve got a soyboi problem. When the Asian dude’s T level is a full 100 ticks higher than the nearest white guy’s T, the problem requires immediate attention.

Soy has isoflavones which are associated with increasing estrogen levels. Multiple studies confirm soy’s de-masculinizing effects. You can read about many of those studies here. Soy protein depletes testosterone in men. And this study is interesting because it rebuts a sloppy 2009 meta-analysis claiming no soy-low T connection.

Soyboy Nation is here, and it’s trilly pathetic. As a CH commenter once quipped,

fill boys with ritalin, soy & porn

fill girls with birth control

….and watch your native stock implode into an androgynous slop of self-negation. If you want to know why urban White women are so aggressively antagonistic to their own men, look no further than the effeminate specimens above working for Feedbuzz. If you were a White woman surrounded daily by uptalking, vocal frying, male feminists who gesticulate with swishier body language than the gayest of gays, you’d come to resent your men, too.

Soyboys have lost the masculine esprit to defend their borders and their honor. They lay supine with power bottom butts in the air to receive the invading third worlders, and then they limply low five each other for their exquisite taste in purity signaling as jihadi jizz dribbles off their ass cracks.

Physiognomy is real. Soyboys are real. The current social system is unreal. A T reckoning is coming.


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