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The Takeover Of America

This is what a takeover of America by nonWhites looks like: A hostile alien force flexing its growing demographic power and preying on its constituents’ fear of and loathing for Whites with campaign ads that portray Heritage American White men as stone cold killers:

Paid for by the White Victory Fund…..haha but not really kidding. This is the kind of Dirt Worlder racial gloating that will push more Whites into the arms of a de facto White Party, aka the Trump Train.

Takeover, land grab, colonization, invasion, conquest….call it what you like, it’s indisputable that the engineered demographic swamping of White Americans by nonWhites is tribal war in all but formal declaration.

The reality of course is the exact opposite of this blood libel video. Whites are preyed upon by violent, criminally rampant aliens and nonWhites in the cities and suburbs where they are resettled by the Globohomo Forced Integration Project. These locusts then proceed to shit en masse on the history, culture, and symbols of White America, smearing the descendants of White Americans who founded, built, and brought glory to the nation as redneck pickup truck drivers running down beaner babies on the streets.

Are they begging for RAHOWA?

And if America is so full of White devils, WHY THEY HELL ARE THEY COMING HERE? Is it a masochistic thrill? Surely they and their 50-to-a-room families will be a lot safer in their homelands where there are no redneck neoconfederates to strike fear in their hearts.

No, the answer is that they have swarmed, they have sucked at the White gibs teat, and now they are ready to plant their tribe’s flag in the nation they are conquering. The age of tokens is over, there’s no longer a need for the fig leaf of multicultural respectability…it’s Tribal Time now.

But maybe they have begun their victory dance a little too early. They can feel their power rising, but like the impulsive dummies they are they have pounced too quickly, imprudently, for a clarifying fight with the alpha male White lion. Instead of playing the long game of reducing the White population ratio to a sufficiently small number, they have chosen macho confrontation before they have the strength to defeat the gringo/infidel. Their puppet masters are in retreat, having lost an election and the meme wars, and are too weakened to properly manage and coordinate their primitive charges.

Virtue sniveling shitlib Whites are playing with fire. They think they can morally preen their equalist enlightenment over their benighted BadWhite kin forever without paying any consequences. But they badly underestimate how moronic, tribalistic, and impressionable our dirt world colonizers are. Savior-complex shitlibs seeking religious redemption through their imported riff raff have unleashed the braying mob, and the mob won’t stop with the heads of rednecks; they will come for the soyboy libs too, and they will be consumed with just as much glee and fury.

PS PA writes about the implications of this ad, here.


A commenter quips,

Damn, that guy really wants his truck stereo back.



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