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Add another vindicating fluff of yer ‘umble narrator’s e’er-so-‘umble ego. Via HBD Chick, a pointer to a 2017 research paper that lovingly (if jargonistically) validates my Diversity + Proximity = War equation and (re)discovers that ethnic diversity in close proximity raises the risk of civil war and other miserable outcomes.

χ2 diversity: raising the risk of civil war. Desmet, Ortuño-Ortín, Wacziarg, in the American Economic Review (1/N) https://t.co/6Br1zU2zcz pic.twitter.com/064rDaRkLd

— Garett Jones (@GarettJones) October 27, 2017

In the middle of the paper, the authors allude to Lewontin’s Fallacy, and a casual reader might think they succumb to it. They don’t. (3/N) pic.twitter.com/hpAeFhRdkQ

— Garett Jones (@GarettJones) October 27, 2017

From the paper’s abstract:

We investigate the empirical relationship between ethnicity and culture, defined as a vector of traits reflecting norms, values, and attitudes. Using survey data for 76 countries, we find that ethnic identity is a significant predictor of cultural values, yet that within-group variation in culture trumps between-group variation. Thus, in contrast to a commonly held view, ethnic and cultural diversity are unrelated. Although only a small portion of a country’s overall cultural heterogeneity occurs between groups, we find that various political economy outcomes (such as civil conflict and public goods provision) worsen when there is greater overlap between ethnicity and culture.

Lewontin’s Fallacy refers to Richard Lewontin’s (Jew) deliberate misinterpretation of genetic analysis to push a social constructivist theory of human races. Evolutionary biologist A.W.F. Edwards helpfully corrected the record, noting that, using cluster analysis, race can be accurately classified by comparing the frequency of alleles at multiple loci across populations. Or, as one person in that Twatter thread explained it: “Take eye color. Variable within race; largely same variants across different races.”

In other words, the observation that genetic variation is greater within groups than between groups is a banal talking point, because the variance that exists between races is phenotypically and behaviorally classifiable, and these racial differences are profound and impactful. Lewontin’s Fallacy leads to the illogical belief that mice and men are nearly the same because we share 97% of our DNA; that 3% may be small but it makes all the difference.

This digression is important, because it’ll thwart leftist ideologues from misreading the nature of this paper’s findings, which are bad news for the diversity-is-our-strength crowd.

From the conclusion:

If anything, higher cultural diversity reduces the probability of civil conflict and increases public goods. However, in countries where ethnicity is more strongly predictive of culture, as captured by a high χ2 , violent conflict is more likely, and public goods provision tends to be lower. Our interpretation of this empirical result is that in societies where individuals differ from each other in both ethnicity and culture, social antagonism is greater, and political economy outcomes are worse.

Diversity + Proximity = War (by any means).

The first part of that conclusion is interesting in itself, because what I think the authors have captured (but failed to reason through) is that within-group cultural diversity has lower probability of civil conflict because one, race and ethnicity act as a bonding agent that override cultural distinctions and two, a large and invasive welfare state is inevitably established to keep the peace in multicultural societies. AKA the Danegeld.

The effectiveness of the Danegeld in managing social tension is reduced with increasing racial and ethnic diversity, because the natural state of most people is generosity toward genetic kin (this is a subconscious motivation and most people will conform to social expectation bias and deny it if asked). Only NW Euro Whites have strong out-group altruism that becomes toxic and self-annihilating in a globalist context. The study has found exactly this: societies that are both multiethnic/multiracial and multicultural have more social stress, antagonism, corruption, and low trust.

Think of the social spider study linked here.

Summarizing, a lack of inter-group diversity…actually increases individual diversity, through the mechanism of amplifying preexisting personality differences among same-group members. In contrast, a lot of inter-group diversity (say, moving to a SWPL hipster enclave in a minority white city soaked in vibrancy that makes daily living an adventure in survival) produces a uniformity of thought and…of aesthetic within groups, which is why we see SWPL hoods in nearly every major American city converging on the same farm-to-table Obama-loving liberal hypocrite norm.

Paradoxically, group cohesiveness creates more individual diversity, while inter-group diversity creates more intra-group uniformity. Diversity + proximity = conformity.

In other words, the diversity that really matters — diversity of thought and personality — flourishes in less racially diverse environs.

In all-White societies, you have your geeks, jocks, goths, droogies, skaters, scenesters, preppies, nerds, etc. That’a a lot of intra-group diversity, but it’s the kind of diversity — of thought and personality — that doesn’t much interest the anti-White demon horde. They want the kind of Diversity™ that strikes fear and loathing into everyone’s hearts and forces Whites into a pan-White identity that jettisons quaint personality differences in favor of a racial bloc that can withstand the encroachment of competing ethnocentric races who don’t share the White predilection for kumbaya universalism.

Ethnic and racial diversity can have the opposite effect on cultural diversity, pushing a society to a uniformity of ideology and thought (think of how much people walk on eggshells in a multiracial milieu to avoid offending anyone) that will boil over into seething resentment and social conflict.

I’m one of those post-racial pathologically altruist Whites, so I know of what I speak. I can get along with people as long as they’re sympatico with my outlook, entertain me, and provide balance to my temperament, but I have the smarts and immunity to virtue signaling that gives me the perspective lacking in most hyper-outbred Whites. So I’m duty bound to overcome facets of my genetic inheritance and embrace the pattern-recognition wisdom that allows me to understand all-too-well the nature of the 99% of the world that doesn’t think like me and my kind.

I’ve added a link to this latest research to the Diversity + Proximity = War reference page at the top of this blog, now up to 42 peer-reviewed studies on the baleful interaction of racial diversity and social cohesion. Forward it to your shitlib friends for fun and triggering!


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