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From Girl Next Door to Sassy Slut, knowing what kind of girl you’re dealing with is the first step to tailoring your Game for a proper fit. Hawk explains what to say to a girl in your room late at night, who has demurred (a bit late in the hour) that she has a boyfriend,

Know your audience.

If she’s willing to be in your rooms alone despite the boyfriend she’s already decided that you might be worthy of her…seriously if her instinct was put into words out loud it would sound like that.

Verbal witty responses work differently depending on the girl.

“No you don’t ” is teasing the kid sister response. Funny, but not mean. Best used on the girl next door type.

“Really? Don’t see him here though.” More edgy, best used on the proto-THOT.

“Does the chastity belt chafe much?” A-hole response to the entitled HB7 plus.

“Not anymore you don’t” with a caress to her face, laser eye, is for the girl you’re interested in keeping around.

Your goal is to make her want to please you by forgetting about the boyfriend. Betas acknowledge the girl’s charms prior to her acting to please, alphas do so afterwards.

Hawk’s advice is similar to the Chateau’s recommendations on the use and suitability of Asshole Game. Age and innocence affect how well, or badly, a woman will respond to jerkboy charm. With some chicks, you gotta finesse it. With others, you gotta swing a whetting warhammer into her pussy.

Younger women are riper targets for asshole allure. Older women who have lost some of the sheen on their SMVeen will feel alienated and even rejected by a man giving them too much outcome independent jerkitude.

Age isn’t the only determinant of female receptiveness to male assholery. As Hawk wrote, sluttier, sassier girls will need more evidence of a man’s guttural disregard for her. She has seen things you betas wouldn’t believe…attack chads grinding on her posterior…she watched cum beads glitter in the dark near her cockhouser gate…all those cummings will be lost in time…like aborted fetuses in pain.

But the girl next door — a rare creature, worth yeoman seduction effort to despoil — might recoil at being assumed a sassy lass. Your assholery may make you seem unattainable to her, and cause her despair when she believes you are only toying with her. She likes a self-assured man but she hasn’t the constitution nor the sexual experience to handle your jerktruth. Proceed gracefully, accepting that her soft innerspace is sensitive to impudent cock shocks.

Where a girl resides on the Thot Spectrum — a Thotarchy if you will — that runs on the left from the preserved innocence of the nicest of virgin Amish coquettes, all the way to the right where you’ll find the bluest of blue-haired, bull ring-pierced aggrosluts, will give a hint to her need for a mental dicking. It stands to reason you as a man of taste of wealth must attune your assholery to the receptiveness of the woman in your hosshairs. This isn’t a green light to go Retard Beta and turn yourself into an asexual piece of furniture. It’s just a warning that your alpha attitude can and should be communicated in a fashion to suit the listening habits of your target audience.


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